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Crack Is Whack!

Crack!Fic: It's What's For Dinner

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This is a place to archive some truly cracktastic fic. Entries are friend locked, and membership is moderated, but I'll approve anyone who wants to join. Almost. If you're a creepy stalker, or my mother or something, you're out of luck. Sorry about that!


Awards: (Dude, I know. I know.)

So pretty!Yay! :)

Gorgeous!Logan's underwear is HOT

Isn't this the coolest banner you've ever seen?  YES!Commenting is HOT, yo!

Beep beep!He's the master bait! SWEET!

Naughty Cliff! ;)WUUUUU!

Cow! Hee!Awww... :)

Wham!tastic!Boom boom!

Double Rob!Neon=STRIP CLUB!

BANG!Order in the court!

Logan has the right to remain NAKED!OMGSOCUTE!

Futuretastic! :)DICK/CORNY OTP 4EVA!!!

The shared award of AWESOME!Awesome!

Awwww-inspiring!  Hee! :)My first SPN award!  EEH! :)

I canNOT look away!