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05 April 2008 @ 07:03 pm
Con talk! Part Three: Sunday's Panels  
This is NOT dial-up friendly!!

Alright, so in my ongoing con saga (and a week ago TODAY was the first day, so I REALLYREALLYREALLY need to just post this already), I left off on Sunday right after the photo ops. This...this was the time for Jensen and Jared's panels. Now, I had seen (maybe an excessive number of times ;)) all of the clips from Chicago, so I maybe had an idea of what to expect. EXCEPT NOT, because it was SO MUCH BETTER than I had ever fathomed! And I'm SURE that I'm biased, but I thought the LA panels were way better than Chicago. I mean, I was THERE! I'm not going to go into every specific question, since some awesome people have put the majority of the panels on Youtube (which you should DEFINITELY go and watch), but...MAN. I see those clips, and I was THERE, and I just CAN'T get past that!

Jensen? Is FUNNY. Jared? Is FUNNY. Together, though? They are HYSTERICAL.

It's just...you see Jared and Jensen together, and there is just absolutely no doubt that those two guys really ARE best friends. The way they play off of each other, the easy camaraderie, the jokes...I mean, these con appearances aren't scripted--even though they might have an idea of what'll be asked, there's no way for them to really prepare. When they answer questions, it's JUST Jared and Jensen, and THAT is what makes it so special.

GOD, I love those boys. I don't know if you've noticed that or not by now... ;)

Jared was first, and he had the coat on again. Since we now KNOW (from Chicago!) that he's a notorious sweater, I'm not sure how he WASN'T broiling, because it was NOT cool in that room. I mean, Jensen had had on the leather coat (!!!!) and took it off...Jared kept going back to the coat, though. It was WICKED HOT, though (both figuratively AND literally ;)), so I'm not complaining, but it was a little weird.

He's just so funny and generous with the fans, and the way he LIT UP whenever someone congratulated him on his engagement was just so incredibly endearing. Awww, Jared! :) There were some repeat questions (like his laughing after Dean's "son of a BITCH" in 3x03), but it was STILL awesome to hear his answers. I was glad that I had seen Jamie pre-panel, because she explained to me her question to Jared (about why he'd ever want to go to UT vs. Texas A&M), and since I understood the rivalry she was talking about and everything, it was way funnier. Also notable was when she told Jared that he was dead to her. HEE. :D

Then it was MY TURN! I had originally debated asking a question to both of them, but I figured the line would be HUGE, so I just jumped in as soon as I could. Which worked better anyway, since my question really was more Sam-focused. I've only managed to track down half of it so far (it has my whole question and the fun part, but Jared really DID give me a serious answer, and that clip is eluding me). Look!

Since I might be a little too spazzy to understand (Hey, *I* can tell what I'm saying!), here's a helpful transcription:

Me: Hi, Jared!
Jared: Hi!
Me: Um, I just found out that you apparently answered this at the breakfast, but I know some of us weren't there, so I'm asking anyway--sorry, guys.
Jared: Well, you breakfasters have...
Me: Yeah, sorry, you get it twice. In Mystery Spot, there's that amazing scene in the diner, you know, where Sam knows everything Dean is gonna say, and it was kind of that synchronized scene...I wanna know, like, how you filmed that, and if you overdubbed...And of course, the follow-up question--we know that Sam Winchester wears make-up--
Jared: What?
Me: And Sam Winchester cries his way through sex...
Jared: What??
Me: WHY does Sam Winchester keep a ruler by his bed?
Jared: *cracks up* I don't know. Maybe someone else can answer me that question. Uh, there are youth in the audience.


Fangirls make me happy! Cause listen to everyone freak out! HEE. I also love how he gets all adorably defensive of Sam during the make-up and crying his way through sex part. OH, JARED! And then he tells us that maybe we could answer that question. HA!

Since I did have a REAL question (I mean, I'm not TOTALLY inappropriate ;)), Jared (while making direct eye-contact with me almost the ENTIRE TIME, which was just...unreal) said that on the way to set in the morning, he had Jensen say the line a bunch of times. In his mind, since Sam was saying the lines as if he's heard them time and time again, he needed to know what they would sound like so Sam could imitate Dean exactly. He said the hardest part wasn't he and Jensen getting the lines out together, but trying not to either get really excited or start laughing after a successful line. He also said that there was some line in there that Jensen kept either adding or subtracting a contraction from, which obviously threw off the rhythm, and made them do the take a lot more times. IT WAS AWESOME. :):)

The girl next to me in the question line (who's the one who informed me Jared had answered this at the breakfast I didn't attend) is the one who brought the pictures. They were copies of that infamous set picture with Jared wearing the pigtails. She had one normal shot of it, and then one blown-up version so Jared was way more obvious in the background. Jared was definitely surprised (HEE!), and watching him look at the pictures was HYSTERICAL. He said that he couldn't actually remember what was going on, but that he'd go with losing a bet as the reason for that. Heeeee! Adorable!

His favorite word is cookie, his least favorite word is no, and his favorite curse word "starts with an s...and ends with it." He didn't even want to swear in front of everyone! Awww! At some point, he also told all of us that we had to be nice to Sandy, or he'd come after us (which kind of makes me wonder why no one was mean to her... ;)).

I loved that some girl was all "Hi, Jared, I'm Samantha," and Jared responded, "hi, Samantha, I'm Sam." Too cute!

Someone asked Jared how he'd play Dean in a bodyswap episode, and he said he'd make a lot of stupid faces like Jensen does (and then demonstrated). THEN, he called back "Jensen? Jensen?", and when there was no answer, reaffirmed the making of stupid faces. HEE. :D The REAL question that has all of the fangirls buzzing is probably the one (that one of the lone guys there asked) about what line Jared wants Sam to say. He said "son of a bitch!" at first, so he could make it his own. And then he goes, "Dean, my ass!" afterwards, obviously because Dean is the one who gets to say that all of the time. Then he was like, "maybe that should be more like "Dean! My ass!" (HAHAHAHA), and everyone freaked out, and he shook his head and just KNEW that was the wrong thing to say. HA! :D

He also talked about his dogs, which was adorable, and I think that this was the answer where he said it's hard for him to get out of character between scenes, and it wasn't like he could look at Dean's body, and after cut was called, be all "hey, let's go chase butterflies!" Which CRACKED ME UP.

As in the clips from Chicago, one of the funniest parts was the exchange of panel time between Jared and Jensen. Jared was talking, and Jensen walked about and said "what a bunch of crap!" Then Jared left, and when Jensen sat down, Jared, like, made a farting noise backstage, and Jensen went along with it, and it was COMIC GOLD. There were banners hanging all around the room of the various guests (Although, the day before, there had been TWO Dean banners, but on Sunday, the one of him in a suit was missing--maybe not to make Jared feel less loved? ;))). He went around the room, pointing at each, and commenting. On Sam, "ugly." On the YED, "evil." On Ash, "Chad." Then he got to the one of Dean in sunglasses in the Impala, and he grinned, "there he is!" It was PERFECT. I still can't believe how FUNNY these two are! Like, FOR SERIOUS. I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. during the three panels.

Oh, and! I almost forgot! Jared GAVE Jensen the pictures that the girl had given him during the Q&A, and Jensen was making comments on them ("I look huge in that!" on the blown up one, and then something like "that's it" on the other one). LMAO!

Jensen sat down and started with something like, "oh, good, he's gone." TOO CUTE.

Jensen greeted everyone, and then said something about having had his arm around almost everyone in the room (which, you know, TRUE), and it was really great. One of the first questions was also about the craziest thing he's ever done, and he said "this." He said he never imagined that he'd be onstage alone (as himself, awwww) in a room of "adoring" (HEE, he said that!) fans, but that he wouldn't want to be anywhere else. That really hit me, because we KNOW that this can't be the most comfortable thing for Jensen or Jared (but probably more for Jensen, just given his personality), and yet, they VOLUNTARILY sign on for these things, knowing EXACTLY how they're going to go. I mean, a lot of times, actors do cons for their shows after the show is off of the air, or after they're kind of out of the spotlight, but Jensen and Jared are both doing these things at the height of the show, which is really telling about them, I think. They really DO care about the fans, and as daunting as being shoved into photos and autograph lines with a lot of crazy fangirls, they both do it, time and time again, alone AND together. It just makes me want to hug them (again)! :)

One of the funniest parts of the panel, for me, was Jensen talking about golfing. He told a joke about a father who took his daughter with him golfing, and kept mimicking missing a swing and then swearing (and it was all garbled frustration, and after, he said he was trying really hard to do it without ACTUALLY swearing, which was cute), and then when the daughter asked the father why he played golf, he said "because it relaxes me!" Jensen said that was him as a golfer. Heh.

He had various fun names for Jared throughout the panel (particularly Goofy and Jumbo). LOVE.

And, okay, I admit, I was THRILLED that no one asked the fanfiction question (because that's just horrible and awkward and rude). BUT CAN WE PLEASE STOP ASKING HIM TO DO BLUE STEEL??? Did we NOT see the clip in Chicago? He CLEARLY doesn't want to do it (unlike Jared, who I think really does get a kick out of it), and it's just mean to put him in that position. That being said, he was very graceful, and did it ANYWAY, but he said that "it's just an imitation of a movie," and he doesn't even understand why everyone likes it so much. Then he did the funniest thing of the DAY, where he showed us his "wide-eyed fangirl with camera" expression, readying herself to take pictures of Blue Steel. LOVE! :D

I thought a good question was when someone asked him about his favorite death in "Mystery Spot" (the furniture falling on him). Then he started naming off the deaths, and someone yelled out "tacos!", and Jensen was all "yeah, but there was nothing there! It was just 'does this taste funny,' and Jared's waking up again." His least favorite part of that episode (akin to the caramel eating in 2x15 that he talked about) was the gargling scene, since he had REAL Scope. He said his mouth went numb after a few takes, and he started talking all numb-mouthed, "Jawed," and it was adorable.

I had an "OMG, I MUST TEXT LIZZY RIGHT NOW!" moment when someone asked Jensen about playing the Chopin piece in TBA (the most amazing Dark Angel episode EVER). Someone says in the commentary on it that it's really him playing, and Jensen confirmed it--he said he practiced for it for two weeks, and now doesn't remember any of it.

Someone asked about Dean singing in future episodes, and Jensen didn't think there'd be anymore. When people told him to ad-lib, he said something like, "sure, I'll just bust out into random opera, that'll work." The singing came up again later with Jared, which is why I mention it now...

Oh, and! Jensen's afraid of clowns, and 2x02 freaked him out (as did the eyeless dolls in Playthings).

Somewhere around this, Jared came back out, and he was EATING SKITTLES (which totally made me think of him offering to buy Papa Ackles Skittles at the AFGM intermission ;)), and didn't bring any for Jensen. I was ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THEM. AGAIN.

He and Jensen were talking really quietly to each other for a minute (Basketball scores, maybe? Can someone who was sitting closer confirm this?), and then they finished, and Jensen laughed and told us that they speak in code. Which, really, I would NOT doubt--they are just SO attuned to each other, it's fantastic.

Kind of like in Chicago, where that fan asked Jared a question that she said was really for Jensen (and Jared lorded over the fact later that he answered it better :)), most of the people who came up had questions directed only to Jensen. I mean, I kind of get it, since they were still in line from his session, but COME ON. Jared is up there, too! You can't just reword it to include both of them, or go sit back down and let someone else ask one? I felt BAD for Jared (and then I was glad that I asked HIM a question), but he and Jensen took it in stride, joking with each other over who was more popular. Everytime someone said they had a question for Jensen, Jensen got all "Ha!", and when someone greeted Jared first or had a question for him, Jared did the same. It was all good teasing fun. OH, THOSE BOYS! :):)

When Jared first sat down, he said something like "I hope you were nice to him, like I told you to be" (or something similar), and it was CUTE. Umm...Someone asked Jensen how he liked being thirty, and he said that he loved it. Then he patted Jared on the knee, and said "you'll get there someday." HEEEEE!

I'm surprised a NON-crummy version of this hasn't popped up on Youtube yet, but it hasn't, so as far as I know, my lousy copy is the only one so far. There's a second of the boys talking about fight training, and then the girl asked Jared and Jensen what their favorite demon-killing weapons were.

It's worth watching just to see Jared confuse Jensen--SO. ADORABLE! Because Jensen said he likes Ruby's knife ("That thing is awesome. I just need one"), and then just "his trusty shotty" (AWW!). Jared said he was going old-school, with the white eyes that make people explode..."that's kind of demon-killing...it doesn't kill demons, but it's demons....killing....I like that. I'll be over back there." Then he makes like he's leaving. I think all of us fans got it (it's not demon-killing to KILL demons, but ACTUAL demons-killing in the demons killing people sense), but Jensen was all confused. "I have no idea what you're talking about." And Jared clarified, and then was all "it could probably kill demons," and we laughed, and Jensen very quickly segued into "next question!" Which was, of course, the word one. His favorite word? INSATIABLE. DO NOT SAY THAT IN A ROOM FULL OF FANGIRLS, OMG!! His least favorite word is milk (and with Jared's being COOKIES, I wonder how much animosity is between them over that... ;)). Someone yelled out "Jared!" when he was still thinking about it, and Jared goes "more like his favorite curse word..." HEE. For his favorite curse word, unlike most people, Jensen wasn't really hesitant to swear. "Shit. It's not too harsh...but it gets your point across." I love when someone told him it was Jared's word, too, and he looks at Jared and goes "really?" TOO CUTE. Then I love when he says that his mother is going call him, and the vid doesn't really pick it up, but Jared says something along the lines of "I was just going to say that!" LOVE!

Then Jensen got the bodyswap question about how he'd play Sam, and THIS WAS GOLD. Just, seriously, you CANNOT SCRIPT this hilarity! Jared said Jensen would spend a lot of time looking at Jared, and then, like, started running his hands down his chest, and got up and started to take his coat off, and fangirls everywhere FLIPPED OUT. THEN. Jensen went "don't encourage him!" And I think the girl asked him again, and he was all "a bodyswap with Jumbo, here? Imitate him? GLADLY." YOU GUYS! I have an awful vid of this, but there are GOOD ones up on Youtube, so FIND THEM.

Jensen slumped over and made his "emo!Sam face" and started walking, like...I don't know how to describe it, so WATCH. Like he was all gangly and couldn't deal with his legs, and he went back and forth, and did this little bow. HI. LARIOUS. The best part of it all might have been how much JARED was cracking up. We're talking head thrown back in GLEE. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Have I mentioned that already??? :)

Someone asked Jared about being on stage, and I really loved that he mentioned Jensen in AFGM (and it was more "well, I saw Jensen when he was in AFGM last summer, and I was so impressed" or something similar). I mean, it's not like we all don't KNOW that he went down to support Jensen, but hearing him say it so nonchalantly, like it was no big deal, since Jensen's his bud was really, really great. They really ARE BFF, guys! :)

There were some more random questions (again, people are trying to dig into the what parts of the show are ad-libbed thing, because someone asked if they chose the food that wee!Dean brought in in 3x08), but there was a good conversation about Funyuns, and Jared and Jensen's favorite junk food. Jensen pointed at Jared and said "sugar," and Jared was all "why are you pointing at me?" THEN. Jensen started humming "SUGAR, SUGAR" (you know, by The Archies, with the "you are my candy girl/and you've got me wanting you") and it was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER. AHAHAHAHA. Then they both cracked up, and we all cracked up, and there was much laughing. SEE how you can't script this stuff? ;)

Jensen thinks the hardest part of Dean to play is his affection for his brother. ;)

Jared talking about Dark!Sam in Mystery Spot was awesome. He specifically mentioned the scene where he had to take the bullet out and sew himself up, and that there was this fake chest prosthetic piece, and having fake skin peeling around the edges made him nauseous, and then Jensen jumped in with "that was his real skin," and Jared was all "I'm just that good." MAN.

They play off of each other perfectly, and even more than all the joking, I loved that when either of them gave a serious answer (about what they thought of acting, or some aspect of their character), the other one always listened SO intently, and they just LOOKED at each other with so much admiration and respect, and it was a real treat to see.

GOD. I love how I said I WASN'T going to go through each panel question by question, and....I pretty much did. OOPS AGAIN! Since the lighting in the ballroom was pretty much horrific, my pictures came out terribly. I am, however, posting some GOOD ones, stolen from the lovely afrocurl and xxsh0tgun. And, according to Erin, it really ISN'T stealing when you have permission, WHICH I APPARENTLY DO. SO THERE. I'll credit as I go along, though, so make sure you talk to either one of them if you actually want to use any of these pictures for anything.

Jared's panel:

From afrocurl:

This is Jared with the pictures of him in the pigtails. HEHEHE.

From xxsh0tgun:

Jensen's panel:

From afrocurl:

From xxsh0tgun:

Perhaps the BEST PICTURE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, here's Jensen doing his fangirl picture-taking impression: ;)



Jared AND Jensen:

From afrocurl:

This is Jensen patting Jared's knee during the "you'll get there someday" part. AWESOME.

Hee, Jared! :)

Jared kept, like, rubbing the mic all over his face throughout the panels. It was AMAZING.

From xxsh0tgun:

Jared dropping (and then giving Jensen) the pictures.

Jared leaving.

Jensen looking like he's doing something inappropriate... ;)

BFF! :)

Jared showing off how Jensen would play him...

Jensen getting up to retaliate...

And there he goes! :D

Thanking all of us at the end of the panel.

At the very end of each panel, each of the guests signed their picture on the banner framing the stage. I had been wondering how Jensen was going to do it on one side, since his picture was SO HIGH (Like, even taller than him high. Jared's was the higher-up one on the other side.) Erin managed to get awesome signing pictures--Jensen took the low road, unfortunately...

Jared mock jumped up and down a few times on the side where his picture was high (SO ADORABLE), and then signed it up there, since...well, yeah, he's just THAT tall.

Perhaps my new favorite picture EVER, though????

Synchronized signing! Both of them being all adorable and next to each other, and ASSES, and I just...HOW AMAZING IS THAT PICTURE? YAAAAY! :)

Autographs came next. I had a wait for a little, since I was in the eighth row, but not NEARLY as long as some others in the room. When I went in, Jensen was signing first.

Me: Thank you so much again for coming, Jensen! You and Jared were awesome.
Jensen: Thank you! I was so nervous, so that's good to hear. (!!!!!!)
Me: You had no reason to be! Hearing you two talk about the show is always a treat. We all love it so much--thank you for all of your hard work.
Jensen: No, thank you! We wouldn't be here without you guys!

*he signs, I move on to Jared*

Me: Jared! Congratulations to you and Sandy!
Jared: *GRINS SO, SO MUCH* Oh, man, thank you so much! We're really excited.
Me: I can't wait to see her later.
Jared: I know! It's too bad I'm going to miss it!
*he signs*
Me: I just want to thank you for coming today. We really love the show, so just, thank you for all of the hard work you put in.
Jared: Thank you for coming! We really love making it, and we really love seeing y'all come out.

Seriously, could they BE anymore gracious? SO MANY "THANK YOUS" FLYING AROUND ALL DAY!

I saw Danneel when I was back there (she was popping in and out of the autograph area). Just as I was leaving, Jensen asked one of the security people how much time was left, and the guy said ten minutes. I'm thinking that he and Jared were flying back to Vancouver RIGHT after (hence Jared not being around for Sandy's panel), since Jensen kind of made an announcement to the line. He said "We're really sorry, guys, but we're going to have to start trying to speed through. We want to make sure everyone gets in." Aww, BOYS! :) SO LOYAL TO YOUR FANS! :)

Oh, and! trillian276709 was behind me in the autograph line, and she BROUGHT PLASTIC!PRIESTLY WITH HER, and stood him up right in front of Jensen. I was totally watching, of course. ;) Jensen didn't SAY anything, but he definitely saw him, and it was just such a MOMENT, AND I WITNESSED IT. SO THERE.

Speaking of, me with Plastic!Priestly:

And my autographs:

I don't think I posted it before, but here's a picture of the badges we had (mine has the PWT button trillian276709 gave me), and my wristband:

And, lastly, a picture of my pictures ;):

I did NOT want to do this, but, yeah, this is already EPIC!Length, so...ONE MORE POST, and you'll finally be done with this con business, I SWEAR. It'll cover Steve and Sandy's panels and autographs, and dinner, and then I am DONE, I SWEAR! I need to really work on streamlining this stuff... ;)

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Sarah :): SPN--Metallicar. YAY! :)sarah_p on April 6th, 2008 06:54 pm (UTC)

And, now that I think of it, I don't think that I ever SAW the Chicago badges. I have to admit--I AM KIND OF CURIOUS NOW. But, yeah, I think they figured anything with the Metallicar=INSTANT FANGIRL LOVE.

angieb5: jared con smileangieb5 on April 6th, 2008 08:41 pm (UTC)
My Preferred Badge looked like this:
Sarah :): SPN--Dean's post-laid grin.sarah_p on April 7th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
THANK YOU! Because I want you to know that as soon as I commented, I TRIED to find a picture of one, and I couldn't--and then it was in my head, and bugging me, and now I am appeased! I also like that we were almost in the same seat... :)
angieb5: sammy hee!angieb5 on April 7th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
Oh you're so welcome sweetie! Any time! Also, what a weird coincidence!